CB49918A. Multicolor Shirt Button size 11.5mm.  $2.50 USD per
gross (144 pieces).  Shipping and handling depends on the
courier service required.  We are assuming the goods are sent
by the postal service by default.  If FedEx overnight delivery is
required, please let us know in advance by email.  The
separate Paypal payment request will be sent for the difference
in courier charges.
For small samples orders, we can accept the payment by Paypal has a small fee and
the exchange rate charge totaling to about 7.5% on top of the purchase amount.  The shipping and
handling costs are also charged on top of the purchase amount.

We have the large inventory of button styles old and new. We will offer selected promotions on this
Paypal page for your ordering. All other items we have are possible to order by email.  We have
thousands products which is too many to offer, but we will try to list as many as possible over time.
Products can be sold out, and offers as based on while quantities lasts.  Out of stock items
can be custom ordered, but there are higher minimums to consider.  Prices and courier costs
(shipping and handling) are subject to change and/or corrected without notice.  For products
possible not yet listed, please feel free to ask. (