Long Gang Factory
Hong Kong  Shorwooms and Offices.
1980's: Kwai Chung,
Hong Kong
1990's- Bao'an,
Shen Zhen
2000's :Long Gang,
Shen Zhen
China opened their borders for
HK businesses.  We built a
larger 20000 sqft factory in the
not yet developed Bao'on district
of Shen Zhen.
We  built a larger factory of
100,000 sqft in Long Gang
district of Shenzhen. Over time,
we have built up the whole
property to include much more
addition space for leasing.
Our first factory was a 2000 sqft  
industrial building in Kwai
Chung.  This was during the big
boom of HK fashion industry.
Factory History
Our very large Long Gang Factory
complex is with the 9  factory and 9
dormitory buildings.  We are using
the 2 of the buildings for buttons
products and the balance are with
tenants.  We can ramp up
production and expand as
needed.  We have one of the
largest capacities around.
We have are one of the largest
businesses in the famous fashion
acessories district of Shamshuipo in
Hong Kong.  Our location is two large
units in each of the 4 levels.  We have
in each level the following:
1) showrooms
2) offices
3) warehouse
4) warehouse.
We have the large quantities of buttons
and accessories available in HK and