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Our Products
We have buttons and accessories of many sizes, styles and colors.  We have buttons made out of many
materials including: polyester resin, imitation horn, imitation wood, imitation coconut, acrylic, alloy, brass,
seashell, wood, coconut shell, urea, ABS, nylon, rubber, fabric covered, and more.
Supplier of Fashion Buttons and Accessories.
We are manufacturers of fashion buttons and accessories.  We are constantly making the new
production and new styles.  We have thousands of buttons and fashion accessories available in stock.  
We can make your custom order.  Please checkout our  Catalog 1 and Catalog 2 for many of our
possible stocks.  Stocks are available while supplies lasts or we can make new productions based on
minimum order quantities met.  Also, please press on the various tabs on the right to review many more
button styles.